Why don’t you visit Ureshino. There are the Old town,
the hot springs water making your beautiful skin, Local Cuisine and Sake.
Those Experiences will make your life fun . Enjoy special time!!

Stay in Farm house included the historical Onsen(Hot Springs)
experience and Ureshino fresh tea service and the Sake drinking,
which won many awards of Japan Sake contests.
Also have more fun experiences of cooking course, pottery,
Ninja Thema park etc.

Our Ureshino Onsen has over 1300 years history.
It is called “Bijin no Yu” that means the one of Three Great
Hot Springs in Japan for making beautiful skin.
Good quality of the Onsen water is very popular in Japan.
Why don’t you try it?

Speaking of ninja, Japan has the three of Ninja groups named Iga,
Koga and Saga. Hizen Yume Kaido is Ninja theme park
that reproduces the image of the Nagasaki Kaido
(Old Nagasaki Road) in Edo era. Please enjoy their ninja show.

1. Ureshino-Shiotatsu Mirai Council official Website  

Access to https://u-farmstay.com

2. Fill in the inquiry form in the site and submit.

3. Details will be let you know by e-mail.

Ureshino-Shiotatsu Mirai Council

741 Babashimo-kou, Shiota, Ureshino, Saga Phone: 0954-66-3753 Fax: 0954-68-0110



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