• Harvesting vegetables, tea leaves and strawberries.
• Planting and harvesting rice

• Feeding Japanese cows “Wagyu”
• Cheese Factory tour

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 Onsen Hot springs that the one of Three Great hot Springs in Japan for making Beautiful skin.

塩田津町並み案内 (韓国語)
简体中文 摘要版​
简体中文 摘要版​

Japanese local foods

• Oshizushi (square sushi)

• Cooking and preparing local traditional foods Dagojiru (miso soup with dumpling),

• Chanko-nabe(soup) is Sumo-wrestler Food.

• Making Soba Pasta.

• Japanese Sake in Ureshino is famous for being delicious in Kyushu.
• The late general MacArthur loved “Azuma-Chou”.

• Wearing Kimono

• In April, Cherry blossoms are blooming in Ureshino. 

Cherry-blossom viewing is usual event in Japan.

• Nakayama-seikaho in Ureshino has been making sweets(wagashi) from 1950.

•You can make your original pottery.

Activities with Local Farmers and Shopping

Womens from Sasebo US military base
Travelling from Florida
Womens from Taiwan
Students from Korea


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